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I'm Sam Founda, an Online Marketing & E-commerce Consultant in Melbourne

I have more than 8 years of technical marketing experience. I have worked on more than 500 projects delivering more customers and sales using an effective & affordable marketing strategy.

How I Work?

  • I either teach you how to market your business effectively online through a training workshop or I do all the work myself.
  • I charge an affordable hourly rate and customise my strategy to your budget. You can hire me for a few hours, days or months you’re in complete control.

My Strategy:

  • I’m a well rounded marketing expert my capabilities isn’t limited to SEO or social media. I ensure you’re actually increasing sales and ROI month after month.
  • My strategy is focused on effectively driving targeted traffic and converting them into customers through Search, Social Media & Conversion Optimisation.

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Client Testimonials

“Sam is incredibly knowledgable in SEO. After a year of costly mistakes and lack of understanding Sam was able to comprehensively train my team on SEO and help us deliver an effective strategy to deliver sales growth and ROI.”

 Paul C (Conect Enterprises)

Sam is a gem to work with. We have had freelancers in the past who just disappeared never to be heard from again. Sam knows his stuff and never missed a scheduled meeting or deadline! He knows SEO and we’re looking forward to working with him again soon!

Daniel A – (TMR & Drive)

Do you know how well your current SEO agency is performing? Are you paying too much? Are you at risk of a Google penalty? Is your agency outsourcing your SEO work to a third world country? These are all questions businesses should know to ensure they’re managing a successful campaign. I have helped hundreds of businesses optimise their strategy at a higher level and reduce costs. My professional independent audits help you make the right decisions.

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Online Marketing Expert With a Difference

  • Risk Free SEO: I only work with a select number of clients. If I don’t increase your traffic/keywords based on our agreement. I’ll either refund your money back or work for free until I deliver results.
  • ROI Based Marketing: I identify the best and most profitable keywords that suit your business and work on optimising your site for Google page 1 results.
  • Conversion Optimisation Expert: I’m all about delivering results to my clients. Conversion is key, I can help assess your website and add value by making recommendations that will improve your bottom line.
  • Transparent Strategy & Zero Contracts: My work speaks for itself. I don’t hide behind lengthy contracts or promise you the world. I clearly outline what kind of optimisation & results you can expect.
  • Save Money: By working directly with me you’ll save money as opposed to going through agencies that charge hefty fees and put you in contact with an account manager instead of the SEO who is optimising your website.
  • No Outsourcing: Unlike most SEO companies, I do not outsource my work to 3rd world countries to save dollars and put your business at risk of penalty by Google. I do all the work myself & if needed i seek assistance from suppliers based in Australia.
  • Clear & Detailed Reporting: I provide you with a clear and easy to understand report to show case the growth of traffic and keywords monthly.
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How can I help your business grow?

  • Comprehensive SEO Audit: I conduct thorough research by identifying issues with your website and offer the best recommendation to improve your business SEO results.
  • Audit your current SEO agency: I have performed hundreds of independent website audits for businesses who are engaging an SEO agency and saved businesses from risk of penalty and potentially thousands of dollars.
  • Keyword Research: Profitable keyword research is what I deliver to my clients. Keywords can either make or break your campaign. It’s important to get it right and I simply deliver keywords that convert.
  • Conversion Optimisation: Your website may recieve thousands of visitors a month however your conversions are below average. I can help push up your conversions by recommending the best and most responsive layout for call to action.
  • On-page optimisation: Writing SEO meta tags is one thing and crafting highly converting meta tags that gives the user no choice but to click on your website is the key between making or losing a sale. I been crafting effective meta tags that just work.
  • Quality Link Building: Google hates spam and so do I, my strategy is geared on placing your website on high quality and authoritative websites. Strictly white hat links that deliver results.
  • E-commerce SEO: I have worked with many e-commerce platforms and optimised websites for higher conversions & ROI.
  • Product Development: Complete and holistic marketing solution that is geared to deliver solid results and ROI.
  • Instagram Marketing: We live in the social era, businesses that are looking for more brand awareness and increase their leads need a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes search & social. I have extensive experience marketing and promoting businesses on Instagram for better brand awareness.

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Why SEO Marketing Advisor is your Best Choice?

Hiring a marketing consultant, especially an independent and experienced one, is almost always beneficial for your company. It can help you achieve your goals both for the short and long term.

As an independent and experienced marketing expert I have the skills in creating, implementing and reviewing your marketing strategy and ensuring that your products and services are promoted effectively.

Here are just some of the reasons why you ought to seek my service if you are in search of an independent online marketing consultant.

Offer a more personalised service – As an independent SEO marketing Consultant I take time to understand your specific needs and business goals. So I can customise a suitable strategy that delivers results based on your business requirements.

High Return on Investment – You can also expect great results by hiring me an independent SEO marketing consultant. In fact, I refuse projects that I think will not work or may cause a loss of investment. My recommendations will assist in ensuring you’re generating leads and converting those leads into sales.

As an SEO Marketing Advisor I can offer competitive rates in comparison to digital agencies.

Years of Technical Experience – I have 8+ years of hands on technical experience. That said, you have an assurance that I can handle all your online marketing work professionally. My technical experience is all about providing ROI & results for your business. I use a solid & proven marketing strategy that delivers.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, hiring me as an independent and experienced SEO Marketing Advisor also means that you can work directly with a real expert in this field. There is no need to deal with an account manager, which is often the case if you hire a huge digital agency. Since I am an independent Online marketing consultant, you have an assurance that you will directly talk to me for a more specialized and transparent service.

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SEO + Instagram Marketing Package.

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SEO & Online Marketing Consultant in Melbourne Ready to help.

Are you in search of an online marketing service provider who can provide you with the quality service while giving you a high return on investment? If yes, then seeking my help is probably the most viable decision you can make. Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll be getting the best value for your money from me and why you’ll get the best ROI:

Extensive Experience

I have been working in this field for many years. In fact, I have already worked on over 500 projects – most of which have satisfying results and positive feedback. I can even show you our portfolio, showcasing my previous work and how results-driven we are.

Targeted Buyer Keywords

One of the reasons why I’m one of the best at SEO marketing and lead generation at present is that i dig deep and identify targeted buyer keywords that deliver results. I spend time conducting a thorough research about it. As an SEO Marketing Advisor know exactly how important it is to keep your keywords targeted when it comes to maximizing inquiries and value. That said, I make sure that we apply it in all the strategies that we implement.

Get Results in as Little as One Month

Another thing that sets me apart from the rest is that I make sure that I only use a clear working strategy. With that, you have an assurance that you will start seeing results within just the first month of hiring my service.

Expert in Marketing

Of course, your main goal for hiring a good online and SEO marketer is to market and expose your brand. You want to deal with an expert who knows exactly how to connect you with plenty of potential clients. Fortunately, you’ve come across one of the best. I have the expertise to connect you with your target audience and help you market and expose your brands to as many potential customers as possible. Using only the best tools and strategies – whether it’s for online marketing or SEO.


A vital feature offered by a good online marketing and SEO service provider in Melbourne is reporting and analytics. I also excel in this area. You receive detailed reports in a word document about website traffic and keywords growth. Using Google Analytics or proprietary software. My reports are detailed enough that these can provide you with plenty of information. In addition I do not limit you to x amount of keywords. I optimize your website and content in such a way that you are visible across a large number of keywords that grow over time.