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Lead Generation Marketing Expert - Business Leads - Affordable & Risk Free

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Lead Generation Expert
Affordable + ROI Focused

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Hi my name is Sam and I am an Independent Lead Generation Marketing expert with more than 9 years experience, I deliver high quality leads through SEO and other digital channels at an affordable rate.

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Risk Free SEO Marketing. I guarantee increase in targeted website traffic & better conversions or I work for free.
To learn more contact 0413 166 065

Why You Should Hire Me?

  • Lead Generation Marketing expert with 9+ years of solid online marketing experience.
  • Local Based No Outsourcing. Unlike most marketing agencies who outsource their work and place your business at risk. I personally handle every project. Risk free marketing – Zero Google penalty risk.
  • Independent contractor you work directly with a marketing expert. No middle men or guy sales involved.
  • Risk Free marketing. I’m all about delivering quality results and in any case I don’t I am happy to work for free until I do…
  • Affordable Lead Generation. I charge an affordable hourly rate for the quality work you receive.
  • Conversion Optimisation Expert. Website not converting? I specialise in increasing website conversions through proven methodologies and targeted traffic. Don’t waste your time with inexperienced marketers.
  • Fast Results. I understand running a business is costly. That is why my strategy is about delivering results faster.
  • Transparent Strategy. Based on auditing your website and understanding your goals i recommend the best strategy that will deliver results. You will be informed of all the work involved.
  • Zero contracts pay based on performance. I don’t lock you in any contracts you pay month by month. I recommend a minimum of 90 days commitment to see quality results.
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Free Marketing Consultation!

Call me to find out more on 0413 166 065

lead generation expertBy accurately researching the best keywords to target for your campaign. I cut out all the BS and deliver quality leads straight to your website.

lead generation agencyReal time lead generation marketing for your business. After researching targeted keywords,  I conduct conversion optimisation to maximise results and ROI

conversion optimisationWith over 9 years experience. I ensure delivery of hundreds of highly targeted and qualified leads through a targeted SEO campaign and Instagram marketing. To succeed online you need a comprehensive strategy that tackles search + social and i deliver exactly that.

business lead generationGrowing your business is my top priority. I ensure my strategy delivers the most cost effective online lead generation strategy that simply delivers results over and over again.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

I have helped businesses grow their sales and ROI through highly targeted online marketing strategy that addresses both Google search and Social (Instagram) as a combination they drive the most targeted buyers looking for your service/product. Get in Touch Today!

The need for online marketing:

According to a 2014 report by Global Digital Statistics, Stats & Facts, there are approximately 2.5 billion people online. Now, just imagine the sales you could achieve by penetrating the online market.

I guarantee you that capturing just a fraction of this online population for your business will tremendously expose your brand, products or services and subsequently yield unimaginable profits. Of course, you can only gain a significant portion of this online market by an efficient online marketing strategy on your various online platforms.

Besides, the world has evolved a lot and gone are the days when buyers sat in the comforts of their homes and waited on sales people to knock on their doors and tell them about certain products and services.

With advancement and innovations in technology, buyers are no longer conservative, and this explains why a lot of people go online to search for the things they want. It is for the same reason that people go to different websites and social media platforms to read reviews about goods and services before making a decision on whether to purchase them or not.

As a business person, you, therefore, need top quality marketing services that will always make potential clients stumble on your page even if they were never informed about your products and services or they initially wanted to buy from your competitors.

Companies and business owners, therefore, need effective digital marketing tools that have been specifically designed to achieve maximum results.

However, business owners should be aware that there are numerous marketing channels to generate business leads and what is important is for each company to choose the tools which have been tested and proven to work for their particular type of business.

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Quality Business Leads

I provide quality business leads to my clients to help them meet the needs of their target market. Remember that most audiences these days do not want their attention bought, but they rather want it earned. Thus, your lead generation strategies should be revamped to satisfy the high taste of your target audience.

With that said, digital marketing is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into leads to boost sales. In other words, it is a way of warming up potential customers to your business thereby getting them on the path to eventually buying your products or services.

Business leads is paramount because it creates an opportunity for both strangers and prospects to initiate interest and relationship with your business and you must not necessarily be the one to make the first move.

Some of the tools I use in generating business leads for my clients include;

  • Targeted SEO Campaign
  • Landing pages
  • Call-to-Action (CTA)
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Conversion Optimisation

Whether you’re looking for a marketing consultation or to implement a solid strategy. I can help you do that contact 0413 166 065

Independent Marketing Specialist

As an independent consultant, I also carry out market researches for my clients. I’m able to analyze data on a local, regional and even national scale to determine consumer’s behaviors and reactions and subsequently what is selling in the market.

Through researches, I can learn what people are buying, what gaps are in the market, what type of people buy what products, and above all, how much money people are willing to spend on those products.

Some of the methods I use in carrying out my researches whose results enable companies and individuals to market their products and get a return on investment (ROI) include;

  • analyzing demographic data
  • analyzing competitors and their pricing
  • Creating and administering surveys
  • Creating and administering questionnaires and other information gathering devices.
  • Measuring current strategies
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Risk Free Marketing Services

Being an independent consultant who runs my business by myself, the first benefit of hiring me is that you will have a personal dealing with me which will go a long way to help me fully understand the problems or challenges you face in your business.

I am so confident in my services that i am offering my services on a risk free basis. If i don’t get more traffic, conversions and ROI to your business within 90 days then i am willing to work for Free until you’re satisfied.

I understand problems/challenges businesses have in generating quality leads, I will help deliver outstanding results that will increase quality leads and conversions.

Besides, my services are relatively affordable compared to the huge sums of money you will ditch out to agencies who may likely deliver a far lesser quality job. You will agree with me that it is very rewarding and fulfilling to achieve excellent results with a limited budget. So why go elsewhere when I deliver quality services at a reasonably lower price?

Above all, my services are highly targeted. This implies I will reach out to the right set of people who will have an influence over the purchasing power of your type of goods and services.