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What is Online Marketing?

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What is Online Marketing?

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Marketing is a collection of activities of building your brand and business. Its purpose is to understand your customer’s need and develop products or services to satisfy this need.

In order to do that, we need to hangout where the customer hangout and listen to their feedback. Nowadays, the internet is where most people spend a majority of their waking hours.

They research for information, indulge themselves with content rich social media sites, purchase as well as leaving feedback review on the internet. Hence online marketing emerges as the new sub-category of any company’s marketing effort.

Before the internet, there were many different ways to advertise such as TV, newspaper or telemarketing. Usually, the goal was to bombard customer with information so a company will get their marketing message whether it is a brand, products or services across to as many customers as possible within a limited budget.

This was a one-way communication where the customer does not have any say in what kind of ads they want to see. Digital marketing offers a different kind of experience, an experience where marketing actually helps to add value to the customers by solving their problem.

The online marketing journey begins with your company’s website. You can use analytics tools to understand your site’s visitors. Analytics software can provide information such as where the traffic is coming from, which page did they spend the most amount of times or how many customers drop off at the checkout page.

Equipped with this information you can analyse and understand what the customer are looking for and whether your products are offering these benefits.

The next steps are to get more traffic to your website. You can drive organic traffic to your website by SEO-search engine optimisation. This involves optimising your website for search engines such as Google to index your website correctly.

You can also pay for traffic if you desire a quick result within a limited time frame. Nevertheless, the paid traffic campaign needs to be targeted as it can waste a huge amount of money if not done correctly.

To get your brand noticed by the online audiences, you will need a strong social presence. This means setting up your business public pages on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Linkedin.  

Social media is the two-way communication device that was missing with traditional marketing methods. Your customer can give you feedback where you can formulate actionable strategies to tackle issues in your business. With social media, your brand will start to have personality that will create the level of trust with your customers.

The online marketing Melbourne Business journey is an on-going journey. There are many digital marketing tools that offer the capability to crawl around the internet with your prospective customer and show them ads that offer products/services that they were interested in.

If you have managed to capture visitors’ e-mail, you can create email marketing campaign to send offers to your visitors so they can come back to your website to have another look.